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Propel your team & business forward faster with training, online tools, and a network of like-minded business owners committed to helping you reach your goals.
Learn and implement the simple 4 phase process that helped us grow to 200+ employees and $40million+ in revenue, without having to stress about hiring or firing. With a team that we actually LOVED!
A proven process to build the system your organization needs to develop leaders, build a productive team, and create joy —and the dedicated experts you need to guide you. 

Find Out How To Find Your Joy Now

It feels too

intimidating to do

this all alone -- and Google can only help

you go so far!


● Are you holding on to the wrong people because you don’t won’t to hire?
● Are you tired of turnover?
● Is your team holding you hostage?
● Have you ever thought “this would be easy if I didn’t have to manage a team?”
● Where are all the great dental team members?
● Do you love your team, or simply tolerate them?

We solve ALL of that.

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Lead Your Organization With Confidence

Leading a team is hard work, but it’s easier with coaches and a community in your corner. Join the joyFULL People Signature Program and you will:

Hiring Strategy

Create the ideal hiring strategy so you can identify the best-fit team member that is a core value and cultural fit.

Recruiting Game Plan

Kickstart your game plan to find the perfect candidates, with the confidence that you have the right people in the right seats within your business.

Processes and Documentation

Actually document the plans and processes to seamlessly lead and manage your team effectively, so that they feel valued and like they contribute to the success of the team.

Align to the Vision

Lead and manage your team to set your business up for continued growth with team members aligned to the vision.

Build Stronger Teams

Finally feel confident in growing your team to grow the business, whether its your first time leading or you've been managing for years.

Grow The Team Grow The Business

Exceed all of your current expectations by building a team that loves what they do, become your greatest assets, and help grow your company to more than you could ever do alone.

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Every touch point in the team member life cycle is an opportunity to create a great employee experience, strengthen engagement, and foster talent.

We believe that when team members are in an environment where they can do... and want to do... their best work, both the team members and the organization are set up for long-term success. Much of this happens through the design, development, and implementation of innovative and impactful talent management strategies and solutions that address every touch point in the employee life cycle.

Here's How We Make It Easy For You

This program gives you the practical, no-fluff training, frameworks and systems to confidently lead yourself, your people & your business. 

*Standard with Built-Accountability and Pro-Implementation Level Membership

All access to extensive video library with more than 50 short, easy to digest lessons and trainings so that its easy for you to get through to actually implement.

Ready-to-implement tools, guides, workbooks that make the tasks of creating a joyFULL team a breeze.

Exclusive Community of supportive peers, coaches, and experts in order to give you the support as a leader, so you're not going this alone.

Direct Access to joyFULL Coaches and Team to ask the questions that arise while you're burning the midnight oil trying to build a culture of A+ players. 

Built in Accountability to ensure you stay on course so that this isn't just another course collecting dust on your digital library shelf.

True Lifetime Access so that you can access over the years as you need it, because leadership isn't a set it and forget it program. When this program gets updated, you get those updates and access!


Are you a boss or leader?

 There is a difference between being a boss and a leader. One manages their employees, while the other inspires them to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection. Every team has a boss, but what people need is a joyFULL leader.

The first step to a becoming a joyFULL leader is establishing a proven process so everyone in your organization plays by the same rules, your approach is fair to everyone, and candidates (and team members alike) are impressed with your company.

Don’t try to create a people system from scratch. Your time is too valuable, and the mistakes you’ll make cost too much.

The joyFULL People Signature Program gives you the training, coaching, tools and sample documents to fully implement a complete joyFULL people system. The starting point of our system has the tools you need to lay the right foundation in order to attract top talent, including how to better define your company’s roles, career success models, talent acquisition plan, onboarding plans, and how to keep your team aligned throughout their entire career to the business.

Here's How This Works

We’ll guide you through a plan to win in the people process with the principles we've used to grow team members and companies for almost 20 years.

Sign Up and Set Up Your Account

Build your profile and gain access to online tools and resources that will help you strengthen your people process.

Start Learning and Implementing

Explore our training library and learn how to build the foundation to improve the four core elements of your people process that drive success: Focus, Synthesize, Master, and Revolution.

Connect With A Supportive Community

Connect with a team of like-minded business owners and leaders who are committed to seeing you and your business grow through a the joyFULL revolution.

Realize Success and Find joyFULL-ness

Drive your business toward success as you grow your leadership abilities, build a stronger team, and become more joyFULL.

joyFULL Reviews

Read the success stories of our customers to find out why so many companies choose us.

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How much does the joyFULL People Signature Program cost?



one time, best value

  • All Access to Platform
  • Video Lessons
  • Easy to Implement
  • Tools, Guides, Workbooks
  • Exclusive Community
  • All Additions and Updates
  • Live Q&A Coaching Call
  • Built In Accountability
  • Memberships for 3 From Your Practice



for 6 months

  • All Access to Platform
  • Video Lessons
  • Easy to Implement
  • Tools, Guides, Workbooks
  • Exclusive Community
  • All Additions and Updates
  • Live Q&A Coaching Call
  • Built In Accountability
  • Memberships for 3 From Your Practice


We are so confident that The joyFULL People Signature Program can help you and your business, we're backing our membership with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, let us know within the first 30 days and we'll give you a refund.

"Studies have found an investment in company culture can increase employee engagement 29%, leading to a 17% rise in operating income and even a 29% increase in earnings."


Look through the answers to the most popular questions of our members. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request and we will get in touch with you shortly.


You're probably wondering who are we to teach this?

A culture that spurs performance will make your company 3.7 times more likely to be a top performer. That’s where we come in.

Our approach is collaborative and co-productive. We do not have all the answers. In our experience most organizations have the capacity within themselves to transform. What they need is experienced support and accountability to help them take the most effective steps.

We bring a wealth of experience and technical skills but we aim to and expect to learn as much from our community as they learn from us.

We are not management consultants. We don’t offer silver bullets or one size fits all solutions. We offer our experience, our skills, our abilities, our energy and our excitement for change.

We are all motivated by delivering excellent, high-quality, effective coaching. We believe the best way we can achieve that is by helping people in the dental industry to change their culture and perfect their leadership.


You can go it alone.

But why would you want to? Join the joyFULL People Signature Program with Built In Accountability today to gain access to live coaching, built accountability, and more!

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Turning potential energy and talent into joyFULL abundance and limitless potential. This is your new system for talent leadership. 

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